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Micheal Elgin & Eddie Osborne & Jake O'Reilly b Mike Stevens in a 3-on-1 Handicap match with Mike Stevens' job on the line

4-WAY King of Kings Tournament Qualifying Matches
Rip Impact b Adam Reed and Asylum and Scotty O'Shea
Sebastion Sauve b Dirty Dave Titan and Brad Martin and Amazing Darkstone
Kris Chambers b Jay Fenix and Matt Burns and Steven Brown
Hornet b Timothy Dalton and Killer Kumpf and Alex York

Sirelda b Haley Rogers to retain the W.I.L.D. Championship

Jake O'Reilly & Michael Elgin b The Lunatics to win the Tag Team titles

Ash b Angel DeGuerra in a Grudge match

The Vachon Brothers & Pierre The Beast & Damien The Pitbull b The HellRaisers & Payne & Myzery

Cody Deaner w/Portia Perez b Hayden "The Destroyer" Avery to win the Ontario Independent title

4-WAY King of Kings Tournament Finals
Kris Chamber b Rip Impact and Sebastion Sauve and Hornet

Portia Perez won an Intergender Rumble match to become #1 Contender for the GCW Title defeating Southside Strangler #2, Southside Strangler #3 and Hayden Avery

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