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Show #1 - 4pm
The Flash defeated Captain America

Crazy Steve defeated Andrew Davis

Corey Mason defeated Brunio Davis by DQ

Ryu defeated 'Alternative Lifestyle' Spiderman

Logan Savage defeated Danny Magnum

Hayden Avery defeated The Prodigy to retain the GCW Ontario Championship

Show 2 - 6:30pm
Cutthroat & Apprentice defeated Savage & Magnum

Cody Deaner, Corey Mason, & Crazy Steve defeated The Davis Brothers & Otis Idle

Venom & Spiderman defeated Gay Spiderman

Timothy Dalton defeated Steve Brown for the NSW Brass Knuckles Championship

Wild Stallions defeated Le Tegra

Addy Star defeated Warhed

Addy Star won a 14 person battle royal

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