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Tournament Semi-Final Match: Hayden Avery and Cody Deaner defeated Scotty the Body and "Big" Bryan Youngblood w/Jamie Virtue

Matt Burns defeated Timothy Dalton

Andrew Davis officially left Ontario Top Team as he and Bruno Davis attacked Jake O'Reilly until Crazzy Steve and Josh Alexander made the save leading to...

Tournament Semi-Final Match: The Davis Brothers defeated Crazzy Steve and Josh Alexander. Bruno Davis was bleeding heavily during most of the match also

Asylum defeated Brad "Freakin" Martin

Ontario Independent Champion Xtremo defeated Hornet

Tournament Finals: Hayden Avery and Cody Deaner defeated the Davis Brothers Post-match brawl between Deaner and Hayden/Flatliners

GCW president David Wyldstar announced that next month in GCW...in order for Hayden and Deaner to earn their title shot... Deaner has to defeat BOTH Flatliners in a handicap match.. and also announced Hayden Avery versus former WWE Tag Team Champion, and TNA Star KIP JAMES!!

In a Last Man Standing Match for the Interim GCW Canadian National Championship, Otis Idol defeated Phil Atlas to become the new champion!!

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