Great Canadian Wrestling

Event details

Josh Alexander defeated Mike Rollins.

Love Panther 2 defeated GCW Heavyweight Champion Otis Idol by disqualification.

Asylum defeated Xtremo.

Showtime Eric Young wrestled Jake O'Reilly to a double countout after Otis Idol interfered.

Tyler Tirva defeated the Black Serpent.

In a six-man tag team elimination match The House of Virtue (Andrew Davis, Steve Brown and Sebastian Suave w/Jamie Virtue) defeated GCW World Tag Team Champions Cody Deaner and Hayden Avery and their partner Stevie Deaner.

Stevie Deaner pinned by Steve Brown.
Steve Brown disqualified for continuing to attack Stevie.
Hayden Avery was pinned by Sebastian Suave using the ropes.
Andrew Davis was pinned after a sliced bread #2 by Cody Deaner.
Cody Deaner was pinned by Sebastian Suave after he used Jamie Virtue's cane while the referee was distracted by Virtue.
Sole Survivor: Sebastian Suave

A beatdown on the Deaner cousins and Hayden ensued, until Showtime Eric Young made the save and ran off the House of Virtue.

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