Ontario Indy Wrestling & Great Canadian Wrestling


King of Kings; First Round:
Josh Alexander defeated Sebastian Suave w/ Jamie Virtue
Hayden Avery defeated Will "The Toronto Bronco" Hunter by pinfall after a piledriver
Steve Brown w/ Jamie Virtue defeated Sombra
Tiger Star defeated Logan Savage

Jamie Virtue came out and told fans about the Mayor of Oshawa ordering the name Season's Beatings be changed to Season's Eatings. (Not a joke - it really happened) Virtue then said he works for the mayor's office and it was all his idea. Dave Wyldstar came to the ring with a full garbage bag. He told Virtue that the bag was his Christmas gift from GCW. Then he said the bag contained everything from Virtue's office because he was fired from the position of GCW CEO.

King of Kings; Semi-Final:
Josh Alexander def Hayden Avery by DQ
Tiger Star def Steve Brown w/ Jamie Virtue

Deanna Conda defeated Sabrina Kyle w/ Amazing Darkstone to retain the GCW W.I.L.D. Championship

King of Kings Final:
Tiger Star def Josh Alexander after a slice driver

GCW Holiday Rumble:
Winner: Rico Montana

Match order:
Nick Watts and Sombra start
Will Hunter enters
Hayden Avery enters
Sebastian Suave enters
Mike Alias enters
Black Serpent enters
Logan Savage enters
Steve Brown enters
Micro enters
Rico Montana enters
-Hunter eliminated by Montana
-Brown eliminated by Savage
-Micro eliminated by Montana
King Shinx enters
-Suave eliminated by Montana
-Watts eliminated by Montana
-Savage eliminated by Montana
-Sphinx eliminated by Avery
Al Barone enters
-Avery eliminated by Barone
-Alias eliminated by Barone
-Serpent eliminated by Barone
-Sombra eliminated by Barone
RJ City enters
-Barone eliminated by Montana
Asylum enters
-City eliminated by Asylum
Asylum eliminated by Montana

Tiger Star and Rico Montana both now have a title shot for the GCW belt and at the time and place of their choice in 2009.

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