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Rico Montana def Asylum and RJ City in a 3-Way Match

Sterling Silver w/ Jamie Virtue def Bang Bang Pete by submission

Cody Deaner came to the ring with the Canadian National Championship belt and said he'd 'won' it at the last show because reigning champion Otis Idol was too chicken to come back for it after he'd fled the ring at their last match. Otis came out and after much prodding by Deaner he climbed in the ring. Deaner gave him the belt back and said he'd win it for real in the main event.

Crazy Steve def Anthony Darko by Count Out

Darko walked out and then came back with Shawn Morgan. They advanced on Steve in the ring and he tried to ward them off with a Kamala action figure. While they were watching Steve with the Kamala doll, the real Kamala came out and climbed in the ring behind them. Morgan & Darko bailed when they realized the Ugandan Giant was in the ring. Fans began chanting "Tag match" and Steve said "That's what I was gonna say" Kamala shrieked and growled and the bad guys fled the arena.

W.I.L.D. Match: "Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake def Cat Powers

The House Of Virtue (Sebastian Suave & Anthony Davis w/ Jamie Virtue) retained the GCW Tag Team Championship with a DQ loss to Tyler Tirva & Josh Alexander

Jamie Virtue told everyone that Sauve, Davis & Silver would fight Tirva & Alexander in a Handicap Match at the next Oshawa event. GCW promoter David Wyldstar came out and said since Virtue thought Sterling Silver was the greatest he was bringing in "the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time - The Honky Tonk Man" next month.

3-Way Match: Tiger Star def Brad Martin and Hayden Avery to win the GCW Ontario Championship

Crazy Steve & Kamala def Anthony Darko & Shawn Morgan

Otis Idol retained the Canadian National Championship in a DQ loss to Cody Deaner

Following the match, Cody Deaner w/partner Crazzy Steve, made the challenge to Otis Idol and Anthony Darko for a tag team match at Cabin Fever 3 on February 20th.

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