Great Canadian Wrestling

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Friday September 24th, 2010
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
471 Simcoe Street, South
Oshawa, Ontario

DOORS open at 6pm
BELL time is 7pm

After the insanity of GCW's hottest show of the summer BEYOND THE LIMIT on August 19th, we roll back into Oshawa for some new stars to be made and some old scores to be settled...

GCW Canadian National Championship:
Hayden Avery vs. Cody Deaner
These two men symbolize everything GCW is about. Their careers in GCW have never strayed too far from one another. OIW Match of the Year candidate in 2007... OIW Tag Team of the Year candidate in 2007... Former two-time GCW World Tag Team Champions in 2008... OIW Match of the Year Runner-up in 2008... The list of accolades go on and on, but when GCW Champion Hayden Avery turned his back on all the fans who had supported him since day one, his former best friend couldn't take it anymore and had to take a stand. Last month, Deaner got his chance to teach Hayden a lesson and pinned him 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring! The GCW fans, as well as Deaner believed that we had just seen the crowning of a new GCW Canadian National champion! However, Hayden grabbed the mic and pointed out that it was a non-sanctioned non-title match and demanded his title belt back. Majority Stockholder Jessy Jones agreed, but since Deaner just pinned the champion.. Cody Deaner became the number one contender. September 24th, the belt WILL be on the line. Will Hayden cheat his way out again? Or will the fans finally see the beloved Cody Deaner leave with the championship?!

Boris Brezhnev (w/Jamie Virtue) vs. Brent Banks
Both of these men have been on the rise in GCW as of late. Brent Banks has had many strong showings over the past few months and the crowd is really getting behind him. But on September 24th, he may run into the Russian brick wall in the form of Boris Brezhnev. Brent with his high-flying style goes up against the pure raw strength and aggression of Brezhnev, but the wild card as always will be the egomaniac Jamie Virtue in Brezhnev's corner. Last month we saw Virtue and Boris end Sebastian Suave's GCW career in a brutal street fight, will their reign of terror continue against Brent? Or will Banks find a way to defeat Boris and move onto bigger things in GCW?

Anthony Darko : GCW WILD Champion!
For the past few months, GCW has had quite a ladies champion, as a matter of fact, it's not a lady at all! It's Anthony Darko, and he has defended the title against all comers and the GCW fans don't like it one bit, but so far Darko has been able to keep a hold on that title by any means necessary. That includes his gun-for-hire Primo Scordino at ringside! His open challenge is still available for the 24th of September, which woman will step up to the plate, and will she be the one to end Darko's championship reign??

Xtremo vs. "Canadian Crazyhorse" Michael Elgin
These two have a long history in GCW, two of the few men left who competed on the very first GCW show. They've been all around North America and return to face each other as seasoned veterans of the squared circle. Who will come out on top? The high-flying tactics of Xtremo? Or the smash-mouth in your face style of the Crazyhorse?

Tyler Tirva vs. Josh Alexander
Good friends, better enemies? That saying doesn't hold any more true than when it comes to Tyler Tirva and his former best friend Josh Alexander, these two are former GCW World Tag Team Champions, until the night Alexander turned his back on his partner and the GCW fans!! Will this be the night that Tirva finally gets his revenge on his turncoat partner??

Ashley Sixx Tag Team Championship Hunt
One half of the GCW World Tag Team Champions has been without a partner for quite some time, and he's holding auditions at randon throughout GCW events. That man is "The Hit" Ashley Sixx, and he's looking for the best wreslter in GCW to share his gold with. Which match will he choose as his audition on September 24th?? Find out as only "The Hit" himself knows!!



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